Watertight system in place:Mission Bhagiratha

A quality control system has been laid down at every level of State government’s Mission Bhagiratha programme to help authorities ensure quality of the filtered water supplied to 54.37 lakh households spread across 24,000 panchayats in the State. Except 160 isolated habitations, the authorities have completed the network and drinking water is supplied irrespective of the season, rainy or hot summer. The hitherto isolated habitations will also receive filtered water by the end of August this year.

Speaking to Telangana Today, Engineer-in-Chief of Mission Bhagiratha G Krupakar Reddy said with the completion of the project, maintenance of quality of the water is paramount concern of the 1,200 assistant executive engineers and 112 deputy executive engineers who are entrusted with collecting the data sent by the three-member village committee consisting of village water man, sarpanch and secretary along with name and mobile numbers. They provide data on amount of water discharged to households every day.

“We then make phone calls randomly to check if the figures given in the log sheet are correct or not. The mandate is to provide 100 litres of water per head in any village. This process goes from Monday to Saturday. Every Sunday, the logs reach headquarters in Hyderabad. After verification, we upload the data into the system every Tuesday,” Krupakar Reddy said.

The weekly developments are then discussed during the fortnightly video conference on Saturdays for necessary action. At the Mission Bhagiratha-level too, at least 20 per cent of the log sheets are checked for their veracity.

The system also has checkpoints at two places, one at the source of filtration of water and the other at the household. The quality checks are mandatory as water quality can get affected at both the places. “Every treatment plant and every subdivision has a laboratory to check the quality of the water,” he said.

The Mission Bhagiratha project is also running awareness programmes in 60 to 70 villages every month explaining the villagers the need to drink filtered safe water and explaining them to keep the water network safe from breakage or tampering. “There were supply issues in some parts of Nalgonda district where there was an old main line that was used to supply filtered water. The problem is being addressed now,” Krupakar Reddy said.

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