Rahul Gandhi’s promise of minimum income guarantee is a revolutionary step: J&K Congress Chief

Jammu, Mar 26 (UNI) Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir on Tuesday said that the historic declaration made by Congress President Rahul Gandhi, “Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme” to every citizen, if congress is voted to power, would bring revolution in the Country for the poor.
“As per this proposed scheme, poorest 20% of families in the country will be guaranteed Rs 72,000 a year and this money will be deposited directly in the bank accounts of the women, “Mr Mir here told reporters at a press conference.
He added that five crore families will be benefited by this historic step and this announcement will be implemented with full commitment as we did earlier in the case of farm loan waiver in states like Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

He said that it would be one of biggest landmark step in the history to ensure a dignified living to all especially the poor who fail to meet both ends of life due to unprecedented price rise, today.
“The poor and BPL people would have a dignified living and have full stomach food and other basic necessities of life, if this unique scheme is implemented, when congress is voted to power at the Centre,” said Mr Mir.
He said that several schemes and programmes were chalked out by the successive governments, from time to time, especially by the Congress led governments to ameliorate lot of the poor in this country.
Several long term and short term steps and measures are adopted to fulfill the needs of the poor in the country and take out the BPL from the said level but still lot needs to be done especially due to ever increasing price rise of all commodities of common use, adding, “this would be the biggest ever decision in the history of Independent India.”
Mr Mir said that during 10 years of UPA more than 140 million people were brought out of the list of BPL, which is a great achievement.
“Besides Right to Food (FS Act), Right to Job (MGNREGA) besides RTI and RTE were major achievements of Congress towards the poor and common man. Congress Governments always framed policies and programmes for the poor people in the Country, as the party is committed especially to the welfare of poor, downtrodden, farmers and the labour,” he asserted.

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