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Ek reporter 6 logos buhath naa insafi hai..!

Article By Syed Jaffer Hussain :credibility is lost when same thing is said, aired or broadcasted by various channels in different ways. Resurgence and development of media technology made it very easy to start a television channel to telecast the things of their own interest not bothering what impact they may have on society or on nation as a whole. Every small town in India has witnessed rapid growth in this sector. Taking advantage of technology people are convaying their message to influence the society.
Main stream media requires huge capital to start a television channel but an average or small set up does not require such capital and is started with less infrastructure. Satellite tv channels are managed by professionals, controlled and regulated by the government but some small channels are exploiting the situations and spreading sensational and disturbing news for their own benefit.
The representatives and stringers of these social media youtube channel are representing not only one channel but carrying is media is cards with five to six logos to collect information, and some time interviews of VIPs. It is breach of security because simply by showing their press and media cards they gain entries in the offices and functions of politicians, IAS, IPS and other officers to cover the events. No one checks their genuinness and allow them to participate as media person .
You tube , face book, whats App and other sources are very independently utilised to broadcast their work. There must be some control from information and police department to check them. Ofcourse medium is effective but it must be used for constructive purpose. There are no administrative offices of such channels, the reporters are not carrying any authorization letter from media house, simply one reporter with a card of five six logos does marketing for the channel.
The big television channels have their own agenda and work accordingly but these youtube channel reporters are influenced by the people to whom they meet. The people with vested interest influence to telecast news of their own interest. It has damaging effect on society. The police department in Telangana should make neccessary arrangements to check the entries of such unauthorised persons in government functions, press confrences, media briefing etc. It is a matter of great concern because security lapses may occure. Security of ministers and VIPs should not be compromised. A single reporter representing five six media houses should not be allowed.
The registration of channel, authorization and accreditdation should be checked.
Stringers are unstoppable and getting entries to cover crime reporting. A single person carrying one press card with five to six logos simply creating unemployment among other youths. Police should not allow such stringers. It is suggested to issue vehicle passes to genuine reporters so as to avoid inconvinience caused to them. Only authorised reporters should be allowed to cover crimes not every stringer.

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