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By syed jaffer Hussain,
In just concluded bypolls of Lok Sabha and assemblies in UP , Maharashtra, W.Bengal , Bihar , Kerala and Jharkhand the unity opposition parties have shown on swearing in ceremony of Karnataka CM they have now practically delivered. Opposition stays united and will ensure unity for 2019 general elections. More importantly Utter Pradesh is a state where if any party wins it goes to Delhi to rule the whole country. Some days beforr BJP lost gurakhpoor
and phoolpur and now Kairana lok sabha seat is a big set back for BJP and Modi/Amitshah.
In 2014 lok sabha elections BJP got absolute majority with 37% vote share now with all the oppositions parties are coming together BJP requires more than 50% vote share which looks a challenge for NDA. In the present there are two factors going against the BJP , one united opposition and secondly unfulfilled promises and poor performance of the BJP rule. Whatever achievements BJP is presenting they are not seen or felt by a common man.
Demonitization of currency was a decision which was not taken with  due consideration. Black money, terrorism, counterfeit notes nothing was controlled. On the other hand it created much chaos. Implementing GST again did not help either the government or tax payers.Mounting NPAs and loot in the banking sector have shaken the whole nation. Low productivity, increasing prices, low GNP and farmers problems should be looked effectively.
Govetnment is generating huge money from taxes on petrol and dirsel but where it is utilised no where it seen or felt.
Two major activities have become very evident in India. Elections and foriegn tours of our PM Sri.Narender Modi. Opposition is trying to find the ways to dislodge the ruling parties and BJP think tank is busy in chalking out strategies one after an other. No one is bothering about a common man.
The outcome of the byelections shows that the Vikas agenda has been
 derailed. Polarization in the name of religion also will not generate any support to political parties.
Education, health, employment ,
business opportunities , income growth , better standard of life, basic aminities , peaceful envoirnment, stress and fear free life, togetherness and a growing economy are the needs of the hour.
The unity of the opposition parties is giving a clear message that nothing is invincible , whoever comes to the power they have to deliver otherwise in a democracy people have upper hand and a vital role to play. No one can take them granted for a long period.

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