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By syed jaffer Hussain editor sada-e-hussaini daily
The unity shown by the opposition parties in swearing in ceremony of Karnataka chief minister in just concluded state elections and loss of Gorakhpur , Phoolpur and Kairana  bypolls in Utter Pradesh lok sabha seats have shaken the ruling BJP and its allies. The outcome of the state elections will have direct impact on the lok sabha elections secondly the infighting among the ranks of both BJP and its allies over different issues has created a disturbing situation for NDA.
Utter Pradesh sends the maximum MPs in parliament . In 2014 BJP succeeded in dividing votes between major opposition parties SP, BSP, Congress and others. Polarisation also played a vital role. Ofcourse there was a Modi wave but division of votes was key to their success. The experiment of fielding a consensus candidate in byelections by SP, BSP, Congress and others proved that nothing is invincible. If the same unity and policy is repeated by the oppostion in 2019 it will be difficult for BJP to get as much seats as they got in 2014.
This is the right time to make like minded allies but BJP is trying to woo their old allies who are raising voice againat their behavior. Sri. Nitish Kumar in Bihar realised that he has been sidelined in state and national politics after joining hands with BJP. Now his party is demanding 27 seats out of total 40 seats in Bihar for 2019 lok sabha elections , this is impossible for BJP to accept. He claims to be big brother and next election to be fought on his face.
Comments made by the BJPs disgruntled ally Shiv Sena is a threatning factor for BJP. Sri. Amit Shah the BJP president met Sena supremo Udhay Thakray in Mumbai to placate him but in vain. There was a bitter fight between two allies in Palghar byelection in Maharashtra. There are 48 lok sabha seats in Maharashtra if Shiv Sena , NCP and Congress fight together against BJP it will be a big loss for NDA. Shiv Sena does not want to loose power in Maharashtra but BJP snatched it from them.
Elections in Madhya Pradesh , Rajesthan and Chettisgadh will be held in coming days. To some extent they are Dalit dominated states where there is a direct fight between BJP and Congress. Keeping in view Dalit factor Congress is negotiating with BSP for an alliance .Anti incumbancy and Congress + BSP factor will give a tough fight in all the three states and consiquently the results will impact lok sabha elections.
Smt. Mamta Benerji in W. Bengal , Sri. Patnaik in Orissa, Sri. Chandrababu Naidu in AP , Sri.
 K Chadrasekher
Rao in Telangana , JDS/Congress in Karnataka , DMK in Tamilnadu and Communist in Kerala will not allow BJP to make a dent in their rules. In general elections in 2014 BJP got absolute majority with 31% vote share and they succeeded dividing remaining 69% among other opposition parties. To fight united opposition  to get majority BJP now requires more than 50% vote share which is very challenging . Let us see how the scenario changes or remain the seme  in the days to come.

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