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By syed jaffer Hussain editor sada-e-hussaini daily The unity shown by the opposition parties in swearing in ceremony of Karnataka chief minister in just concluded state elections and loss of Gorakhpur , Phoolpur and Kairana  bypolls in Utter Pradesh lok sabha seats have shaken the ruling BJP and its allies. The outcome of the state […]


By syed jaffer Hussain, In just concluded bypolls of Lok Sabha and assemblies in UP , Maharashtra, W.Bengal , Bihar , Kerala and Jharkhand the unity opposition parties have shown on swearing in ceremony of Karnataka CM they have now practically delivered. Opposition stays united and will ensure unity for 2019 general elections. More importantly […]


By syed jaffer Hussain, False rumours always create panic among the   peace loving people . More particularly when the people with vested interest play with religious sentiments and spread rumours to suit them or their ideology it will have disasterous effects on society and country. Face book , social media and whats app etc are […]

Religious polarisation not by Christianity but by other forces.

By syed jaffer Hussain, How a negligible population of christians in India can polarise the nation on the basis of religion. The agenda has already been set up for 2019 Lok Sabha election and to start with a letter from Archbishop of Delhi Dr. Anil Couto to all priest and religious institutions was released in […]

66 persons are not enough for Urdu language

by syed jaffer Hussain, A language can not be attributed to any religion , cast or creed. Unfortunately Urdu language has been associated with Muslim community. This concept has to be teared down and Urdu to be promoted purely as Indian language. It has a glorious past , presently spoken and written in large parts […]

Ek reporter 6 logos buhath naa insafi hai..!

Article By Syed Jaffer Hussain :credibility is lost when same thing is said, aired or broadcasted by various channels in different ways. Resurgence and development of media technology made it very easy to start a television channel to telecast the things of their own interest not bothering what impact they may have on society or […]

Asifa Rapist Should Be Hanged demand by Syed Jaffer Hussain

A minor girl aged 8 years ASIFA was kidnapped, drugged, gang raped and brutally murderd by the crimnals in Kathua ,Jammu and Kashmir. Such crimes have become a common phenomenon in India more particularly against dalit, backward class and Muslims. This barbaric incident should not be seen with religious angle but two ministers of BJP […]

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