Telangana to consider extension of incentives given to Covid Warriors

Hyderabad: The Telangana government which has unveiled the first ever incentive programme for Covid-19 warriors in the country might continue the additional financial benefit for a few more months. Health Minister Eatela Rajender replying to a short discussion on Covid at the State Legislative Council here on Thursday assured members that the government will consider the demand for further extending the facility which was limited to a few months.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao in the month of April declared incentive as an extra payment to sanitation workers, in municipalities, panchayats and GHMC to their monthly emoluments considering their sacrifice during the spread of the pandemic. It was later extended to a few more categories of frontline warriors.

Congress MLC Jeevan Reddy said that the incentives which were given during the lockdown period must be extended for some more months as the spread of the pandemic is not yet controlled. “We will consider the extension of the incentive scheme for a few more months. And I take this opportunity to bow my head and thank all of them who have worked day and night serving the victims without caring about their personal protection,” Minister said.

“As of now there are 121 private centres offering isolation facilities for those who do not have sufficient space in their homes for isolation. The government is offering Rs 200 per day per head in rural and Rs 270 per day per head in urban areas. The Government is ready to give permission to more such centers as it is very difficult for a Covid infected person in joint families to get total isolation in small houses in rural or urban areas, Rajender said.

First Containment Zone in Telangana

The Minister recalling the experience that the pandemic has given to the health care professionals and administrators of the State, has said that the first containment zone was set up in Karimnagar where few asymptomatic Jamat attendees were found to have mingled with locals. “The containment phrase coined by us later became a major saviour in curbing the spread of the virus,” he said. Further refuting allegations of the opposition that the government should have opened more Covid specific hospitals than limiting it to Gandhi, he said that the 81 per cent of the infected persons are asymptomatic making it very difficult even for the medical staff to recognise,” he said.

The Health Minister assured the members that Telangana , today is equipped to tackle the situation with the help of knowledge gained while providing for treatment of the victims. He urged the people to face the virus with courage as so far there is no one single treatment methodology or a vaccine available to treat the infection effectively.

Council Chairman Gutha Sukender Reddy suggested that the task Force appointed by the Chief Minister to regulate corporate treatment of covid must be provided with a toll free number so that people can register complaints. BJP MLC N Ramachander Rao suggested the government must appoint doctors and paramedical staff on permanent basis, as many were reluctant to join Covid specific duties that are temporary. MIM MLC Amin Ul Hasan Jafri said that the State which is spending only 3.5 per cent on the health sector must improve the spending considerably. G Venkateswarlu, Narsi Reddy, and Farooq Hussain were among the others who participated in the discussion.

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