Noisy protests by TDP members rock the House; CM urges Speaker to evict them by Marshals

Amaravati , Noisy protests by the main Opposition TDP leaders continued to rock the House during a debate on Rythu Bharosa Centers in the Andhra Pradesh Special Assembly session that took place on Wednesday. Even as Speaker Tammineni Sitaram repeatedly urged the members to sit in their seats, the TDP leaders surrounded the Speaker’s podium and went to the extent of inching towards him. The situation went out of control at a point of time on the third day of the Assembly.
At this stage, leader of the House and Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy urged the Speaker to take stringent action against them to prevent such incidents from occurring in future. Jagan said though the TDP members were only ten in the House, they had the audacity to climb the stairs towards the Speaker’s podium, it’s an insult to democracy, he roared. “There are 151 people here and yet we are sitting patiently and listening. Whereas the TDP members were passing objectionable comments and instigating those sitting near them. Not only it is disrespectful, they completely disregard the chair of the Speaker”, Jagan said in emotion.
“What do we do about such people who have no culture and who don’t know why they are coming to the Assembly, especially during the time when a discussion on the issues of the people was being conducted?” he asked. He requested the Speaker that if anyone crosses the ring and comes in, the Marshals should be called to take them out of the ring or else discussions on public issues cannot be conducted in the House, he said. These 10 members are acting like rowdies and this kind of people should be removed or else the system will never progress, please call the Marshalls immediately”, the leader of the House said.

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