Ponnala dares CM KCR for debate on TRS party’s manifesto

Hyderabad, Former PCC President and former minister Ponnala Laxmaiah today lashed out at CM KCR for not fulfilling any of the promises made to the people of the state before the last two assembly elections. He dared CM KCR to come forward for a debate on the TRS party manifesto with him.
He alleged that 34 promises made in the 2014 manifesto and the promises made in 2018 election manifesto by ruling TRS party were not implemented by the CM so far. He also alleged that the ruling party had also removed its manifesto from internet as it was scared of facing the wrath of the people of the state while noting that the manifesto of the Congress party was still on the internet. Ponnala made it clear that an election manifesto is no less than a Bhagvadgita for them. Referring to the claims of the CM KCR that they had implemented 99 percent promises made by them, he alleged that not even one percent promises made by the CM were implemented so far. . Referring to the promise of the CM KCR to turn Karimnagar into a London city, he asked the CM as to what happened to his promise.
He alleged that the CM had cheated the people of Huzurnagar by promising Kaleswaram water to them while making it clear that such cheating tactics would not last long in politics. He made it clear that the Congress party had implemented 80 percent of the promises made to the people of the state during its rule.

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