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The members of the managing commitee of Ibadat Khana Hussaini , Darulshifa were silent spectators of dance and qawwali programme organised by the Anjumane Alawi Akhbari on the day of Ghadir.This is the place where 5 time prayers , majalis and only jashans are allowed how qawalli and dance programme was permitted.The Shia community condemn and protest against those who for their own name sake become office bearers and members of such Ashoorkhanas but do not follow the true values of Islam in general and Shia sect in particular. What message will go to the followers of Imam Ali and Imam Hussain ? The Shia scholars , iminent persons and members of the commitee are silent. Why don’t they restrict such elements who are trying to tarnish the image of the community. If these activities are not contolled they may go to any extent.

This sacred places like Ibadat khana are used by the Akhbaris to pass irrelevant and condemnable remarks against the Iranian and Iraqis scholars who are not only sacrificing their lives but proving the world that they ere the true followers of Islam. The dance and qawwali in Ibadat khana do not reflect that this is the way to celebrate the Ghadeer.The Shia community should disassociate them and managing commitee should not allow them to conduct such anti Islamic activities. Why they are silent ? If they are unable to control then resign from the commitee and continue their commercial activities but do’nt be a part of any commitee managing religious places.

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