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Exit Polls will prove to be pre-obituary for Modi Govt: Congress

Hyderabad, May 21 (NSS): Completely dismissing the projections done in the Exit Polls, the Congress party on Tuesday claimed that the victory of Congress-led UPA was a certainty and a few agencies and media houses were predicting the victory of BJP-led NDA only due to fear or greed.

            Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy, in a media statement, said that the people need to observe the language and content being used by the news channels to predict PM Modi’s victory. He pointed out that the BJP alone had won 282 seats in 2014 elections. But this time, the entire National Democratic Alliance (NDA), including BJP, is expected to get around 275-285. “No channel is showing a State-wise break-up of seats likely to be won by the BJP in comparison with 2014 elections. Similarly, while the average seats predicted to be won by the Congress are being shown as higher than 2014. However, no channel has praised the leadership of Congress president Rahul Gandhi for increasing his party’s tally by more than three times compared to 2014. The Exit Poll figures are not just numbers, but they are a temporary shield for many media houses and institutions to hide behind till the declaration of actual results on May 23,” he said.

            Reddy said that the Exit Polls were clearly manipulated as they have been conducted by Modi’s gang of sycophants to please their boss for the last time. He said there was a huge difference between the findings of different agencies and there was absolutely no scientific basis or ground work done to get those outcomes. He said there was no wave in favour of BJP of Narendra Modi at the ground level anywhere in the country in 2019 elections. In the last elections, people were certainly impressed and influenced by Modi’s promises of depositing Rs. 15 lakh in each account, giving 2 crore jobs every year and his tall talks on having 56 inch chest. However, people have witnessed a worst ever government under Modi and no one could ever forgot the devastation caused due to demonitisation and GST. Therefore, there was no possibility of any Modi wave which a few news channels tried to create post-elections in their Exit Polls.

            He said all the praises showered upon BJP by a section of media would prove to be text for an obituary to be written on Modi Govt on May 23.

            He said EVMs were also caught by the common people and workers of opposition parties in Bihar and other places. Therefore, he said that the Election Commission of India should take all precautions to ensure proper security at strong rooms.

            Reddy strongly condemned PM Modi for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus by misusing the Kedarnath Temple for political purpose. “It was apparent that Modi did not visit Kedarnath for any meditation or pooja. He was just doing a photo shoot and changed costumes to pose for various pictures in different backgrounds. He was looking like a character in the mythological acts of Ramayana or Mahabharata who change costumes every time after he plays a character in the act,” he said. He also pointed out that a photographer was allowed in Temple’s ‘Garbha Graha’ to take Modi’s picture from a right angle. Similarly, Modi is seen sitting on meditation in a case by wearing spectacles. The spectacles were removed for another picture. Similarly, Modi is bowing in the south direction to pose for a picture which was shown as the one in which he is doing ‘Suryanamaskaram’. “Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. There is no possibility of Sun changing its direction for Modi,” he said.

            He said that the curtains of all these dramas and stunts of Modi and BJP Government would fall on May 23 when the exact poll results would be announced. He predicted that that the Congress party would win the elections and Rahul Gandhi would be the next Prime Minister.

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