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I converted to Islam because religion of Islam is harmony with human nature

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Victoria, a Muslim woman who converted to Islam four years ago, speaks about her experience, stressing Islam’s harmony with the human nature.

She acknowledged in the interview that she had never thought about God before.

“My family always wanted me to follow only my education and succeed in my job; therefore these mental conflicts made me forget thinking about God,” she said. “But one day came when I thought about God and all that he created, and it was very interesting to me, including those parts of the body that are doing great things alongside each other, questions popped in my mind and I finally found out that these works must be done by God.

The guest of “Ziafat al-Rahman” program of Imam Reza (AS) channel added that “when I read the Bible of Christians, many questions were raised for me, for example, why God says in the Gospel, do not do this, but all Christians do it anyway! Some of the stories were so strange and confusing to me. For example, in this book, God says, drink wine whenever you are upset, however it’s not rational at all, because when we drink, we get drunk, but all the problems appear afterwards.”

Victoria continued that “there were many questions in my mind that a Christian could not answer, but when I became acquainted with Islam, I realized how reasonable Islam is and that it is based on human nature.”

She pointed out the situation of Muslims in Ukraine, saying “Three years ago, when I came from Ukraine, the number of Muslims was low and they did the Islamic ceremonies secretly, but a while ago, when I went to Ukraine, I saw a number of veiled women, which was very interesting for me, and I realized that they were Muslim women who migrated from Tajikistan.”

Victoria noted that the main problem for people in Ukraine is alcoholism and the next problem is high percentage of poverty, so as a result people are more likely to work and have no opportunity to address religion.

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