Derogatory and controversial remarks passed by Anjuman -e- Alawi Akhbari.

On 4th Shaban this year a “jashan” was conducted by the Anjuman-e-Alawi Akhbari at Ibadat Khana , Darulshifa, Hyderabad. In this jashan the speaker insulted the supreme leaders of Iran and Iraq Imam Khomaini, Ayathullah Khamenai and Ayathullah Sistani which were against the believe of their large numbers followers in Hyderabad, India and all over the world.

The Ulemas of Hyderabad requested the people to restrain and describe the remarks against the supreme leaders a plot to disturb the peace and harmony among the Muslims. The election of the Hyderabad parliament seat wad scheduled to be held the next day, such type of controversial and unacceptale remarks might creat disturbances. Earlier also the follower of this school of thought from Kotla Alijah passed controversial remarks to hurt the Sunni Muslims which was condemned by all.

We request the police department to have a strict vigil on such speeches .After seeing the video of this programme all the Shia and Sunni scholars condemned such unacceptable remarks. The Managing Committee of Ibadat Khana Hussaini , Darulshifa , Hyderabad should ensure that such things will not take place to disturb the peaceful envoirnment of Hyderabad city.

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