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Oppn leaders want to fish in trouble waters of ‘hung Parliament’: Jaitley

New Delhi, Mar 29 (UNI) Stating that the Opposition parties are clamouring for a hung House in the ensuing elections, senior BJP leader and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday said that in the opposition’s scheme of things the vital factor of political stability has become a “major casualty”.

“Each one of them is interested to see the strength of the other party’s contender depleting. Each one of them has high hopes in a chaotic and highly hung Parliament. He or she believes that only in a chaotic situation he or she has a chance,” Mr Jaitley wrote in a Facebook blog.

Mr Jaitley, who has been BJP’s poll strategist in past several electoral contests including Bihar and Gujarat, said the opposition parties are in disarray in as many as eight states where the alliance making between the Congress and other opposition parties have failed.

In the context, he cited the instances of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh – put together both the states send 128 MPs and said the Congress is clearly “unwanted” party for the regional players like BSP and the Samajwadi Party.

He said in states such as Punjab and Maharashtra, “the political winds are not exactly friendly to the Congress”.

He said there is a visible leadership tussle and also wrangling among the candidates.

“Already multiple candidates have made their desire clear to take over the mantle of the leadership,” he added.

The Finance Minister said the so called “maha gathbandhan” in all practical purpose has turned into a “non-bandhan”.

“It is a ‘non-bandhan’. You have no leader, no programme, no meeting of minds. Stability, which is paramount, is a major casualty. The only thing in common is negative agenda “remove one man’. It is a recipe for chaos,” Mr Jaitley said.

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