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Krishna Madiga urges CM to help release Prof. Kasim

Hyderabad, MRPS leader Manda Krishna Madiga on Wednesday demanded that the State government immediately release OU professor who was arrested by the Siddipet police recently. He said Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao was the only CM in the country with total understanding about the Maoists problem. He made these remarks after meeting with the wife and the father of Kasim at their residence here. Addressing mediapersons later, he reminded that the CM had said that the Maoists were fighting for

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ISRO to send humanoid Vyommitra first into space

Bengaluru: Before orbiting astronauts on India’s first manned mission to space in December 2021, the Indian Space Research Organisation will send ‘Vyommitra’, a ‘lady robot’ in the unmanned Gaganyaan spacecraft. The robot was the centre of attraction at the inaugural session of the “Human Spaceflight and Exploration – Present Challenges and Future Trends” here on Wednesday. Vyommitra, a combination of two Sanskrit words Vyoma (Space) and Mitra (Friend), took everyone by surprise when she i

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